About Győr

Győr is the most significant city of the plain Kisalföld. It has a pictureque location, it's situated at the crossing of three rivers, enclosed by thermal springs and areas.


Originally it was a Celtic settlement, which became growing up to a city called Arrabona later under the Roman Empire.


Győr has been an episcopal seat for thousend years. This title was given by king St. Stephen. In spite of the fire in 1556 indepted ti Italian master builds Győr became one of the most beautiful renaissance city of Europe.


In the 17th century the port of the Danube and the neighboutghood of Vienna took fither development for Győr, the city became an expressive tranding center. During this period Győr became one of the most beautiful Baroque city of europe. Th eBaroque buildings can be admired even today, they make up the inner town of Győr.


During the development of the present time Győr became a double-faced city: it shows a historical and a modern face.


There a lot of possibilities for excursions in a neighbourhood of Győr.


The untouched nature of the Szigetköz, the vineyards near by or tje lake balaton which is situated 80 km-s away from Győr.


Beside the inner town there are museums, galeries and every third Sunday an antiquity market waiting for the visitors.

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